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First Tuesday current affairs discussion - Tuesday 3 September 7:00pm start
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News Reviews from 2011

FIRST TUESDAY News Reviews from 2011

The First Tuesday discussions on current affairs aim to provide attendees with a way of developing and testing their understanding of a range of current affairs topics; improving their journalistic capabilities so that they can write opinion or comment style articles for the regional or national media or blogs, respond with a thoughtful angle on radio chat shows, TV talk shows or maybe just have an interesting angle to respond at work with.


The topics discussed in December 2011 were:


The topics discussed in October 2011 were:


The topics discussed in August 2011 were:


The topics discussed in May 2011 were:

  • The killing of Osama bin Laden by US special forces after nine and a half years
  • Developments in the Middle East - Syria and Libya in particular and role Nato
  • The beatification of pope John Paul II and how religion is viewed in society


The topics discussed in April 2011 were:


The topics discussed in March 2011 were:


The topics discussed in February 2011 were:

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