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Press release


Football should give politicians the red card

on Mon 7 June at 7:30pm


The Manchester Salon is hosting an evening of discussion and analysis of the beautiful game’s love of money, power and prestige – going behind the headlines of the World Cup and just where the leaves the ordinary fan stands.


Three prestigious speakers are lined up for the event: Geoff Kidder, Hilary Salt and Ian Stirling will each bring a different perspective on the influence of politicians and big business on football.


Geoff will introduce this discussion by looking at the state of world football, and how wider social and cultural debates are affecting the tournament.


Hilary will focus on the impact big businesses splashing out on teams like Manchester City is having on the domestic game.


Lastly, Ian will use the example of Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) to highlight what some fans are doing to have more control over the teams they support.


Fans of either football or politics can join this discussion, giving you the chance to get off the subs bench and give your views on the current state of the game.


All Salon meetings are open to the public and promise stimulating debate in a relaxed atmosphere.


Date: Monday 07 June, 7.30pm (£5 charge to cover costs)
Venue: The Shakespeare Pub, Fountain Street, Manchester


Additional note: the Manager of the Shakespeare Pub, Chris Hilditch, and his bar staff have changed their names by deed poll for the World Cup to Fabio Capello and Wayne Rooney respectively. See


Geoff Kidder, speaking first says:

“At a time when much World Cup build-up focuses on sneering at fat-cat millionaires on the pitch and the dangers of drunken hooligans off it, it’s great that the staff of the Shakespeare see the World Cup as a chance to go down the pub, watch some quality football with your mates and generally have a bit of a laugh. Although the Director changing his name to Sepp Blatter is a bit of an own goal.”


Simon Belt, Salon coordinator says:

"I just hope that the Health and Safety killjoys don’t shut the Shakespeare Pub down on the grounds that communication between staff will be confused by them all having the same name."


For further details on the event and Manchester Salon’s activities, contact Simon Belt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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