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Press release


'Lifestyle bans' an assault on Freedom

on Mon 17 May at 7:30pm

An energetic debate on how ‘lifestyle bans’ are encroaching on people’s lives and reducing their freedom is promised by the Manchester Salon.


Trialled in Brighton, such lifestyle bans are brought in by the authorities and can cover anything from a ban on flyposting and playing rap music to restrictions on taking photographs and drinking alcohol.


Superficially intended to bring communities together, author Dan Travis – co-founder of the Free Brighton Group – will argue that such bans are increasingly authoritarian and anti-democratic.


Dan warns "The peculiarities, contradictions and often absurdity of the knee-jerk banning culture in Brighton need to be examined as it's coming to a city near you".   He argues that such bans are intended to exclude the public from debate about what is happening in their communities and depriving them of a voice.  


In the second half of the debate, spiked-online editor Brendan O’Neill will explore the fearful and ‘Orwellian’ trend for people to invite more external regulation or control rather than being responsible for their own community’s conduct.  


All Salon meetings are open to the public and promise stimulating debate in a relaxed atmosphere.  


Date:  Monday 17 May, 7.30pm (£5 charge to cover costs)

Venue: The Shakespeare pub, Fountain Street, Manchester

For further details on the event and Manchester Salon’s activities, contact Simon Belt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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