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Press release


Inequality in society: the haves and have-nots?


Despite Labour being in power for 13 years, the party traditionally associated with socialism did little to erode the gap between rich and poor.


In fact Labour regarded itself as being ‘very relaxed’ about people getting filthy rich – and now society is facing a growing increase in inequality. More social ills are blamed on inequality today than in Dickens’ time.


The Manchester Salon is holding a discussion on inequality with two key speakers, Professor Danny Dorling and economics journalist Daniel Ben-Ami.

With the rise of the ‘we are the 99%’ generation and the feeling that the super-rich must pay for the current crisis in capitalism, inequality has never been so politically charged as an issue.

The steep rise in inequality has been accompanied by the biggest decrease in social mobility for 40 years. While Conservatives argue that material inequality is an inevitable consequence of the free market, a ‘new progressivism’ has arisen based around the issues of tax and equity, as evidenced by the Occupy movement.

Equality has historically been a core principle of the left and those who oppose equality initiatives are cast as reactionary souls in the pay of giant corporations. So what's happened to all the conservative arguments for rewarding hard work and endeavour? Are we perhaps becoming uncomfortable with developing greater wealth and thus restraining ourselves by picking on those with more? Or will we only be able to progress if we all progress equally?

This Salon event is sponsored by The Policy Press.

Date: Tuesday, 26 February, 6.45pm

Venue: International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY. Tickets are (£5/£3), and should be booked in advance online or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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