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City 2.0: The Social City of Tomorrow?

Digital technology and new media have transformed our lives and radicalised how we relate to each other – but what impact has the web 2.0 had on the modern metropolis, the city?


The Manchester Salon will be asking this question during a discussion on the transforming power of new technology and its ability to shape the space we live in.


Leading the debate are Alastair Donald, associate director of the Future Cities Project, Mindy Gofton, head of search at Manchester online marketing agency I-Com, Martin Bryant, managing editor at The Next Web, a leading online publication covering internet technology, and Lisa Raynes, managing director of Raynes Architecture.


The discussion will focus not only on how we communicate but also how to design, build, and interact within our cityscapes. The idea of neighbourhoods as ‘manageable eco systems’ and the increase in real democracy as a result of web 2.0 technology are all contested areas.

Campaigners are developing new ways of engaging with the communities where they live and work, through social networking technology, and local and regional politicians are now finding themselves more easily and forcefully held to account by urbane and web enabled citizens.


Cities have often been celebrated for their anonymity and the ability to bring together strangers. Do social media merely relocate these opportunities to cyberspace - or is crowd sourcing a less than adequate replacement for crowds? For all the claims that an online culture can help promote new forms of civic engagement with the city and the formation of new collectives, is there still something missing from the City 2.0?


Date: Monday, 18 June, 6.45pm - £5 entry

Venue: Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Oak Street, Northern Quarter, M4 5JD

For further details on the event and Manchester Salon’s activities, contact Simon Belt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or ring 07809 669824.

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