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Poetry and its relevance

January 2011

Angelica Michelis and Antony Rowland will be in conversation with the Salon audience, chaired by Dave Bowden, including some short readings by guest poets.

Angelica MichelisAntony RowlandThe appointment of Carol Ann Duffy – well known from her place on the curriculum - as Laureate, and the controversies over the election of the Oxford Professor of Poetry, have kept the sullen art in the headlines. Christopher Reid picked up the 2009 Costa Book of the Year for his collection A Scattering, while Bright Star saw John Keats join Dylan Thomas, Allan Ginsberg and Sylvia Plath as recent stars of the big screen. Poetry performances are increasingly popular at music festivals and at gigs, and pop stars such as Mike Scott (of Waterboys fame) and Rufus Wainwright have even recorded musical interpretations of WB Yeats and Shakespeare’s sonnets.

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Recent Discussions

Ferraris for all: is economic growth such a good thing?

November 2010

Daniel Ben-Ami and Clive George will introduce a discussion about the scope for and limits to economic development in the developed and developing world.

Ferraris for AllDaniel Ben-AmiIs economic growth such a good thing? Until the 1970s few would have even thought of asking this question. Yet today the West is often seen as guilty of overconsumption, while the rapid growth of developing countries such as China and India is seen by many in a highly negative light.


People who champion growth are accused of encouraging greed, damaging the environment and widening social inequalities. Daniel Ben-Ami, in his new book Ferraris for all, challenges these notions, arguing that society as a whole benefits from greater affluence and that we should celebrate growth. 

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Recent Discussions

The Future of Transport: stargazing and guiding principles

October 2010

Michelle Di LeoAustin Williams, and Yvonne Hübner will be in conversation with the Salon audience.


Michelle Di LeoWhen Mancunians roundly rejected a new transport plan in 2008, Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester’s city council said 'There is no plan B, which is why we will have to have a period of reflection'. The plan would have made £3billion of funding available for transport improvements: much of it borrowed against future revenue from a proposed rush-hour congestion charge. The voters of Manchester, it appeared, were in no mood to have to foot the bill for improvements funded through a tax on driving.


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