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Food Reviews

The scope of this category is to publish reviews of food experiences - by people based around Manchester, restaurants in Manchester, food relating to Manchester, and reviews of food written by people around Manchester. As this is a new initiative on the site, contributions and suggestions on how best to structure and solicit these reviews are welcome. 


For venues looking to be reviewed, it's obviously best that reviews are conducted in a similar way to an internal quality audit or mystery shopper approach, but the scope of the review is really to go beyond whether the diner was asked open questions by staff etc, to try and deal with issues of fashion around the eating experience and how social norms are impacting of the experience like time limited seating slots etc. Probably the best way to acheive this is if a venue sends in a complimentary offer letter for meal for two in say the fortnight following the date the letter sent. We can then try and solicit a reviewer from the site to conduct the review.


Suffice to say that the site cannot pay for contributions, nor offer any editorial space for a venue to provide their own content, but links from the reviews are possible where they are relevant. Please Email me your food reviews to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Simon Belt

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