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Tuesday 8th January: First Tuesday Current Affairs discussion

We'll discuss the stories breaking in 2019, introduced by Simon Belt

News Reviews from 2014
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News Reviews from 2014

FIRST TUESDAY News Reviews from 2014

The First Tuesday†discussions on current affairs aim to provide attendees with a way of developing and testing their understanding of a range of current affairs topics; improving their journalistic capabilities so that they can write opinion or comment style articles for the regional or national media or blogs, respond with a thoughtful angle on radio chat shows, TV talk shows or maybe just have an interesting angle to respond at work with.

The topics discussed in September 2014 were:

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News Reviews from 2014

Demonising Israel fuels the war in GazaBoycotting Israel plays on antisemitism

by Simon Belt

Whilst the open-ended ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza holds after months of Israeli bombing, the media spotlight has refocussed on the UK's terror threat level being raised from 'substantial' to 'severe', supposedly in response to recent activities in Iraq and Syria. The focus on activities in the Middle East through the summer has perhaps made for the least silly season for news I've known. That might sound trite given the horrors of war, but just just because it's usually off the front page doesn't mean to say it's not happening or that it's not better to cover, so don't be quite so quick with your comeback.

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News Reviews from 2014

An Independent Scotland

by Mark IddonScottish Independence

On 18th September 2014, Scottish residents will get to vote on whether to have an independent Scotland or retain the union with England that was established 300 years ago. The referendum was put forward by the Scottish National Party (SNP) as part of its election manifesto when it won a majority of seats in the 2011. The sentiments of the campaign appeal to many in Scotland who feel that the government in Westminster does not give sufficient regard for Scotland and takes for granted the resources of Scotland.

Anti-Fracking and the regression of progress. PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Fracking Protests and Bez

Anti-Fracking and the regression of progress

by Mark Iddon

In December 2013 IGas Energy Plc started some exploratory drilling to test for the viability of extracting shale gas from a site in Barton Moss, Salford which is around 2 miles from my home. Anti-fracking protestors established a camp alongside the road to the site to gain publicity and support for their campaign and also to try and disrupt and slow down the investigation. The protestors did not intend to cause criminal damage and appeared to go out of their way to prove themselves to be law abiding when served with a court order to be removed from the site by the landowner Peel Holdings.

They managed to stay there for most of the period of 8-12 weeks while the investigation took place and were able to gain considerable media coverage and gain celebrity support at least form the former Happy Mondayís dancer Bez. The exploratory drilling has stopped the protestors have gone, posting pictures on their website to show how the land has been restored to pre protest conditions. How polite protestors are today in their efforts to try and gain favour with the public.

Caledonian Carbon: An Environmental Measurement System? PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Caledonian Carbon

Caledonian Carbon:

An Environmental Measurement System?

by Joanne Green

Scotlandís Universities of St. Andrews, Strathclyde, and Stirling shall be able to continue fulfilling their environmental strategies with thanks to recent government funding awards. This article discusses ways in which universities can provide sustainable environmental messages, using different learning styles and which may assist international bodies such as Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in their analysis.

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