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Caledonian Carbon: An Environmental Measurement System? PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Caledonian Carbon

Caledonian Carbon:

An Environmental Measurement System?

by Joanne Green


Scotland’s Universities of St. Andrews, Strathclyde, and Stirling shall be able to continue fulfilling their environmental strategies with thanks to recent government funding awards. This article discusses ways in which universities can provide sustainable environmental messages, using different learning styles and which may assist international bodies such as Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in their analysis.

Ukraine: as European as Farage PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Nigel Farage not following the European line on Ukraine

Ukraine: as European as Farage

by Simon Belt


After a fairly rehearsed Leaders' debate on Europe, Nigel Farage lobbed a hand grenade into the discussion on Ukraine when he said "We have given a false series of hopes to a group of people in the western Ukraine. So geed up were they that they actually toppled their own elected leader. That provoked Mr Putin. I think the EU frankly does have blood on its hands in the Ukraine." Why did this comment cause such outrage?

Let's Kick Censorship Out of Football PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Nickolas Anelka and his Quenelle gesture

Let's Kick Censorship Out of Football

and why it matters by Mark Iddon


Racial insults and offensive behaviour (of players and fans) seem to have made news headlines on a regular basis recently. There are two stories which stand out - the quenelle gesture by Nickolas Anelka and the arrest and charging of Tottenham fans for chanting Yid at a football match.


The quenelle gesture by Anelka, the West Bromwich Albion striker, was a goal celebration that he said was anti establishment but was interpreted by the Football Association to be an anti-Semitic inverted Nazi salute.

Do we get the news we deserve? PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Do we get the news we deserve?Do we get the news we deserve?

by Julia


I found myself ranting at the radio last week. This is not an uncommon pastime for me, but the spluttering behind my steering wheel was more colourful, vehement and incoherent than usual. At issue was the spat between deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman and the second most widely read newspaper in the country, the Daily Mail, which was being intoned about in soothing accents on the BBC.

Whole-Life Orders: Does Life mean Life? PDF Print E-mail
News Reviews from 2014

Whole-life sentences

‘Whole-Life Orders’: Life means life

... except that it doesn’t quite

by Sundeep Athwal


The Court of Appeal has recently confirmed that judges in England and Wales are not prohibited by human rights legislation from imposing ‘whole-life orders’ when sentencing people found guilty of committing ‘exceptionally serious’ criminal acts. However, the predominant reaction to the decision, celebrating the possibility of offenders spending the rest of their lives in prison, fails to grasp the reasoning behind the decision and largely ignores the need to justify the imposition of whole-life orders.

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