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First Tuesday current affairs discussion - Tuesday 5 May 6:45pm start

Tuesday 5th May: First Tuesday Current Affairs discussion

Two issues in the context of the 2015 General Election will be introduced for wider discussion and criticism.

Public forum for engaging and debating ideas
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Will Devo-Manc help strengthen or fragment UK politics?

Monday 13 April 2015, 6:45pm start

Devo-Manc fragmenting UK politics?

Jonathan Schofield and Michael Taylor will discuss Devo-Manc and whether it will help strengthen or fragment UK politics, chaired by Niall Crowley


In the autumn of 2014, Scottish voters very nearly heralded the biggest constitutional change in the way the UK is organised. On the back of that independence campaign, and ahead of the General Election, George Osborne signed a deal with the overwhelmingly Labour administration in Greater Manchester for substantial devolution of powers over government spending in the region.


Jonathan SchofieldThe deal for Devo-Manc has been heralded as a revolutionary moment for voters in Greater Manchester, and one that will lead to wider devolution of budgetary powers in the region. There was no widespread campaign for Devo-Manc by the electorate, no marches demanding it and no election to give a mandate for the deal, so where is the impulse for devolution coming from? Is this a civil service led empowerment programme or a backroom deal to centralise powers - after all it is Whitehall that decides who gets devolved powers (Manchester does) and who doesn't (Liverpool doesn't).

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Salon Discussions

The AcademyUniversity as it should be

Saturday 18 July to Monday 20 July 2015


The Institute of Ideas Academy has been running since 2011. Bringing together a wide range of people of all ages and educational backgrounds, The Academy is a modest attempt to demonstrate the value of scholarship in itself in today’s climate of instrumental approaches to knowledge, the use of universities as social-engineering battering rams, incessant demands to show value for money, etc. There is an associated scholarship programme through which we subsidise up to 50 full-time students to attend (they receive an extra preliminary day of lectures on the day before the main event begins).

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Battle of Ideas 2015Battle of Ideas

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October

The Battle of Ideas festival, currently being held at the Barbican in London, was initiated by the Institute of Ideas 11 years ago to encourage free thinking and open-ended public discussion, and is supported by a wide range of partners. The Battle of Ideas festival comprises 350 speakers at 75 debates and satellite discussions confronting society’s big issues and unresolved questions. It affords the opportunity for some clear thinking, rational debate and agenda-setting - above all, it's future-orientated, whilst retaining a healthy regard for the past achievements of humanity.


Inspired by the Institute of Ideas, the Manchester Salon is delighted to be organising a couple of satellite events of the Battle of Ideas. These satellite discussions are:


Hopefully see you at the Battle of Ideas, but if not then at these satellite discussions, helping to extend the weekend festival in both time and space.


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