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First Tuesday current affairs discussion - Tuesday 3 September 7:00pm start
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Innovations in Transport

October 2013

Roundtable and key note speaker: panel discussion on the latest innovations in Transport led by Brian Simpson, MEP for North West and Chair of European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee

Watch video of the speaker and audience discussion below. Thanks to Dan Clayton the documentary filmmaker from Leeds for this.


Discussion Partners


Institution Engineering TechnologyThis discussion is a Manchester Network of the IET discussion, one of the largest and most active outside London, stemming from the amalgamation of the Northern Society of Electrical Engineers, founded in 1893, with the Institution of Electrical Engineers in March 1900. Aiming to retain the high standards are maintained into the future the IET Manchester Network has six technical groups covering a wide range of special interests: Communications, broadcasting and multimedia technical group (CBM); Computing, control and automation technical group (CCA); Engineering, management and manufacturing technical group (EMM); Multi technical group (MTG); Power technical group (PTG) and Transport technical group (TTG). They also organise two other groups: Young Professionals (YP) and Retired Members (RM).

Manchester Science FestivalThe discussion is also part of the fabulous Manchester Science Festival for the fourth year running, itself celebrating its sixth year. With over 200 events for families and adults, you can expect an exciting nine days of cutting-edge research, the brightest minds and amazing events. You’ll have the chance to delve into immersive experiences, explore the science of the city by foot, join in the debate, enjoy hands-on activities, see awe-inspiring films and much more. Watch out for trailblazers throughout the year and join us at events throughout Greater Manchester during 27 October - 4 November 2013.

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