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News Reviews from 2017

Closing the gender pay gap

Why is the gender pay gap so classy?

by Simon Belt


The gender pay gap hit the headlines last week when the BBC revealed most of its top-earning talent were women and its seven best paid stars were all men. This week the Financial Times is in the news with reports of the pay differential of editorial staff being 13%. I think the focus on those at the top of the pay scale may indicate this is more about middle class entitlement than gender pay differentials.


Since I was a kid and my Mum hung her manifesto on the kitchen wall, declaring she wasn't a domestic slave and we all had to share household chores, I've campaign for women's equality in life. Most importantly, women's access to work on an equal basis to men has been of greatest importance, as that's surely the basis for women to play a fuller and more equal role socially. So what should we make of a focus of the salaries of the highest paid professionals rather than the vast majority of people servicing those well heeled presenters at the BBC?

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