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Manchester reviewed
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Manchester film reviews

The Road Film

The Road

reviewed by Dave Porter

The Road came swathed in such adulatory praise, it leaves the ordinary cinemagoer in a difficult position: if everyone says it’s good, then it must be. Right?

Well, only half right on this occasion. Author Cormac McCarthy – on whose book the film is predicated – is renowned for his grimy portrayals of cowboy life on the US-Mexican borders. The swathe of colour he draws his characters and places produces breathtaking literature.

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Film Reviews

The scope of this section is to publish reviews of films - by producers, directors or actors based around Manchester, film launches around Manchester, films relating to Manchester, and reviews written by people around Manchester. As this is a new initiative on the site, contributions and suggestions on how best to structure and solicit reviews are welcome. 


Suffice to say that the site cannot pay for contributions, but links from the reviews are possible where they are relevant. Please Email me your book reviews to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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