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Manchester theatre reviews

2 Grumpy Gay Men

2 Grumpy Gay Men

Written by Alasdair Jarvie & Neil Dymond-Green, directed by Helen Parry

Performed at Taurus Bar, Canal Street, Manchester

Reviewed by Marie-Anne McGibbon July 2011

Having been an ardent follower of the TV series of Grumpy Old Men/Women, I suppose I came into this performance with some pre- conceived ideas.  How different could it be?


Well! It was scripted, and actually had the sub-plot of a story. I would also like to say, I enjoyed it more than its’ TV counterpart. The script was brilliantly written (by Neil Dymond-Green and Alasdair Jarvie), with clever, sharp observations. The actors (Philip Knight and Patrick Lally), showed excellent comic timing to good effect. It did help to have local knowledge, to appreciate some of the comments, but I don’t feel this would have detracted from the overall comedy of the performance for any visitor to Manchester.


I loved Philips portrayal of William, which sometimes reminded me of ‘Kevin’ of Harry Enfields creation. He and Patrick seemed to blend together effortlessly, creating a fast moving conversation about personal frustrations of life in general and gay men in particular. All of which made the audience sympathise and empathise simultaneously.


The audience itself was a mixed bag, in terms of age and gender, but were as one in their appreciation of the performance. All in all, a very enjoyable evening, made more so by the sub plot as to why they were in the waiting room! You will have to go to see the play to discover this!!

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