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The Extraordinary Tale of Holly Christmas

The Extraordinary Tale of Holly Christmas

at Lowry, Salford

Reviewed by Victoria Wilmot December 2017


The Extraordinary Tale of Holly Christmas is staged at The Lowry Theatre in Salford, from December 20-31st 2017 at The Aldridge Studio and is suitable for children aged 3 to 8. Presented by Colour The Clouds Theatre Company, and commissioned by The Lowry through its Association Artists programme, this original festive adventure is full of songs, puppetry, a little bit of magic and oodles of Christmas joy.


Holly Christmas (Hollie Steel) is clever, fun and fearless; full of energy and ideas, and all that she wants is for her dad (Richard De Winter) to let some fun into his life and join in her adventures, but all Dad wants is for Holly to sit down and stay safe.


A magic book, a Christmas wish and two Elfish-ly brilliant Christmas helpers (Jack Alexander played Bob, and there was a cast change for Sparks so sadly I don’t have the performers name) launch Holly on an adventure she’ll never forget, creating everything she thinks Christmas should be and teaching Holly, and her Dad, what a perfect Christmas really should look like.


The Extraordinary Tale of Holly Christmas was brilliantly staged by Joseph Colgan and Sarah Birch, writer and producer, and her team did a sterling job of creating this new festive show. It’s hard to engage such a young audience and also manage to get just the right measure / balance of silliness and a poignant story but this was delivered by Colour the Clouds Theatre Company today.


The cast were incredibly talented, as all had beautiful singing voices and each took their turn in performing music live on stage. My five year old companion loved this production and without doubt her favourite character was Bob the trainee Elf on his first mission Christmas. Jack Alexander was hilarious in his Elf antics and his performance was stunning today with the silliness and boyish charm of the over excited and clumsy side kick to Sparks.


The running time is 55 minutes which was just the right time to keep today's audience engaged. I would definitely recommend seeing this lovely family show as it reminds us all about the strength of Christmas spirit and happiness that has the power to warm even the coldest hearts. For more details and ticket sales go to also for more on the company visit 4 Star rating.

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