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Manchester theatre reviews

Away From Home

Away From Home by Rob Ward and Martin Jameson

Produced by Working Progress

To be reviewed by Simon Belt Juy 2013


Kyle is comfortable with his life as a gay male escort until the day he is hired by a premiership footballer, and finds himself falling in love.


But can Kyle maintain a relationship with a closeted footballer in a country where not one pro player is out? Can he go on pretending that the homophobia endemic in the game is nothing to do with him? Does he know what a relationship means, when, for him, sex has only ever been a transaction? Can he ever tell his friends – and his family – the truth?

An edgy, moving and subversive one man show laced with sharp humour tackling football’s last taboo.


Away From Home will premiere this summer when it has been granted the great honour of opening the 24:7 Theatre Festival, Manchester’s annual new writing extravaganza. It is co‐written Martin Jameson, who, with three decades experience in theatre, TV and radio (Casualty, Emmerdale, Holby City and numerous BBC Radio 4 dramas), is also to direct. Rob Ward, taking the part of Kyle, is also a co‐founder of Working Progress Theatre Company.

On Away From Home he says “I am openly gay and a passionate supporter of Everton Football Club (it was with great pain I pulled on the United red for our publicity photo!). I have struggled for many years to make these  two aspects of my life fit comfortably given the homophobia that surrounds football and the fact there are no openly gay players for younger gay fans to look up to. However, with recent developments in other sports it seems now more than any other moment in the history of football people are beginning, slowly but surely, to talk about this issue. The time felt right to put pen to paper.”

Kathryn Worthington (24:7 festival Director) writes:
“Away from Home was unanimously acclaimed as excellent by all who read it: ‘authentic and engaging’, ‘a joy for an actor to perform’, and ‘captivating -­ a great theatrical idea’.

We don't invite many solo shows into the Festival, because it is extremely hard for them to do well, but for this to garner such glowing praise for writers who have never submitted to 24:7 before suggests it really will be one to watch!”

Danny Lynch (of Kick It Out -­ Football's equality and inclusion campaign) writes:
“Kick it Out is always interested in different mediums that help spread some of the core campaign messages about tolerance and diversity. ‘Away From Home’ - a fantastic new play about homophobia in football – does just that.”

Away From Home
24:7 Festival – 19th-25th July
New Century House, Corporation Street, Manchester M60 4ES

Video of interview with Rob Ward and Martin Jameson
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